Plastic Injection Molding

Being at the forefront of the Indian market for plastic moldings, we have developed our experience in the design, creation, innovation, manufacturing and delivery of plastic injection moldings for a variety of purposes. Our precision manufactured plastic parts and components are used throughout a host of industry sectors.

With more than thirty years experience we are able to deal with all volumes, sizes and shapes so feel free to contact us for quotations or advice.

Injection molding for a variety of plastic items

The process of injection molding is relatively simple – the materials needed are thermoplastics or thermosetting plastics and the first stage involves the plastic being mixed and heated to become liquid, then the second stage of forcing (injecting) the liquid into moulds follows. The material is left to cool and harden and results in precisely manufactured plastic injection molding products.

The precision and quality are obtained by means of having the latest machines, technology and moulds which are designed by industrial designers and engineers. The material used for moulds is metal, aluminum or steel depending on the final product to be produced.

Injection molding is the manufacturing process used to make a variety of everyday products. These include: storage containers, body panels for cars, mechanical parts, as well as small plastic moldings such as bottle caps, spools, combs, etc.